KVH008. Vortex Rikers – The Story So Far C44

The music of Vortex Rikers is the sound of nocturnal wandering in crowded urban areas, of post-crash ecstatic at dawn, of eschatological sci-fi dystopia. Shimmering electronics and hazy synths interweave with bleak melodies and tremulous drones to create expansively dark atmospherics. „The Story So Far…“ gives the connoisseur of dark ambient/electronica something more to savour and ponder than some loop and drag. The 14 tracks are pervaded by the hostile coldness of a post-industrial world—a world dominated by social distance, economic rationality and purely functional architecture.

Vortex Rikers is a musical one-man project from the Ruhrgebiet, which is the largest urban agglomeration in Germany and one of the world‘s biggest declining industrial areas. „The Story So Far…“ is a compilation of out of print, digitally released and previously un-released material. A pro-dubbed, limited cassette tape edition was released in October 2012.

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