People are so dull and self obsessed. They need a kick. But I don't think that'll happen through music, because music doesn't seem to have that kind of power anymore. There's loads of material out there, but 99% of it is irrelevant, or boring, or both. The other 1% is a recourse of what has already been decades ago. The last great rock 'n' roll band has been The Icarus Line, but they had to die. After that, just emptiness. I mostly only listen to Brahms, Raime and Thou these days, because they are adept and bold. And Roger Waters, because this guy really has something to say.

I used to run a tiny label for finds from shadowy niches in contemporary music.
The releases can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Discogs.

I used to write for music magazines.
A few articles can be found here: Ostpunk auf Schallplatte (OX #73), Thou (OX #93), Oxbow (OX #74),Young Widows (OX #98),Grails (OX #83),Sunn O))) (OX #83)

I used to play in Hemm Rohm and Yfere, among others.
We had good times, back in the days.

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